New Website & Blog

zai bio photo By zai

So here we go with a new website-blog-thing! It’s been a while since I had a blog and I hope that I can fill it with some content, so it won’t wither and die like the last ones.

I went away from Ruby on Rails and toyed around with Jekyll. Rails seemed to be overkill for the things I did and Jekyll has a nice clean and stripped-down feeling to it. Actually, I’m not fully rid of Rails yet. I’m still wrapping my Jekyll page inside a Rails app, to build my link shortener etc. Though I might migrate that all at some point. cough

The page has a little “about me” section where I added the usual bla bla, alongside some contact infos. The events page of the old site isn’t ported yet, so I just added an excuse and a link to, just to not further delay everything.

There’ll be another section upcoming besides the blog, but I’ll announce that separatly when I got some more content for it.

For now, I wrote a blog to recap the concerts I’ve been to in 2014. You can subscribe via RSS. I didn’t want to include Disqus or something, so you can comment in 140 characters via twitter or almost unlimited characters via email. Fefe style!