About me

I’m Zai. I like things. Especially music and concerts, but also movies, books, web comics, and cross-site scripting.

I studied physics and computer sciences and am currently working as an information security engineer, breaking web applications and the like.

This page is my outlet for thoughts that don’t fit into a 140 character limit.

Why “Zai”?

I like the name. It’s short.

Unfortunately, the name is not always available for online profiles. Either because they don’t support three character names (*raises a fist and mutters something about damn developers*) or because the nick is already taken. So I’m occasionally adding the last name “Lynch”. It originates from my Second Life avatar in 2007. Back then, Second Life required you to pick a last name out of a predefined list. I went with Lynch as a homage to a particular movie director.


You can mail (gpg) via zai​[at]​z.ai. If you’re into encryption: my Threema ID is SHFDX8ES. I’m also on Twitter, going by the handle @ZaiLynch.

I think these are enough ways to reach out to me, which is why I’m not providing a way to comment blog entries for now.